MONO WALNUT  <br> incl. 8 piece container set
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incl. 8 piece container set

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    The most multi-talented and flexible cutting board the world has ever seen: It offers enough space to handle even the most complex menus light-footed, with up to 11 containers attachable to all sides of the board; both sides are usable and built so robust, that it takes more than gross carelessness to either damage form or function. The MONO is a beautiful high-end tool - for all who love to cook often and extensive.



    Freshly oiled this wood turns almost nightblack and shows his impressive intensity and beauty. Walnut is a rather soft wood, which makes it perfect for sharp and expensive knifes.

    Container Set: Included

    Each MONO board comes with a Set of 7 containers:

    Stainless steel: All premium stainless steel, build to last a lifetime.

    Polycarbonate: Glossy, highly transparent PC. Ideal for storing food in the fridge. 

    CHEFS CHOICE: A set of mixed material containers to combine the best of both worlds.

    *All containers are dishwasher safe and (of course) food grade material.