MONO BAMBOO  <br> incl. 8 piece container set
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incl. 8 piece container set

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    The most multi-talented and flexible cutting board the world has ever seen: It offers enough space to handle even the most complex menus light-footed, with up to 11 containers attachable to all sides of the board; both sides are usable and built so robust, that it takes more than gross carelessness to either damage form or function. The MONO is a beautiful high-end tool - for all who love to cook often and extensive.



    Slim lamellas, glued together lengthwise, give the bamboo its unique look. Bamboo is the hardest and sturdiest material one can get for a chopping board. Our material is receiving a thermic treatment what causes the caramel-brown tone.

    Container Set: Included

    Each MONO board comes with a Set of 7 containers:

    Stainless steel: All premium stainless steel, build to last a lifetime.

    Polycarbonate: Glossy, highly transparent PC. Ideal for storing food in the fridge. 

    CHEFS CHOICE: A set of mixed material containers to combine the best of both worlds.

    *All containers are dishwasher safe and (of course) food grade material.