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incl. 7 piece container set

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    One container for waste, one for cuttings: BASIC is the "Frankfurter Brett" -principle in its purest form.

    Reduced to the absolute essentials, however, one should not be deceived by the size of the Basic, especially in comparison to our large boards:

    The attached containers nearly double the available working area and structure it efficiently - the Basic feels much bigger than comparable or even larger boards in everyday use, as waste & cuttings disappear directly from the working area and thus provide additional space for working and storing on the cutting board. 

    The Basic is the ideal cutting board for everyday kitchens for 2-3 persons, and larger recipes for 4-8 persons can also be processed. However, if you cook regularly for more than 4 people, you could also enjoy a Mono - additional space is always an advantage.

    With a total weight of just about 4kg, it can be easily carried and used in almost any place in the home - e. g. at the living room table with the children or in the garden for barbecues.



    Bamboo – the cutting board classic! 

    Bamboo is a fantastic material for cutting boards, plus it is super eco friendly.


    Container Set: Included

    Each BASIC board comes with a Set of 7 containers:

    Stainless steel: All premium stainless steel, build to last a lifetime.

    Polycarbonate: Glossy, highly transparent PC. Ideal for storing food in the fridge. 

    CHEFS CHOICE: A set of mixed material containers to combine the best of both worlds.

    *All containers are dishwasher safe and (of course) food grade material.

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